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Fence FAQs

Commonly Asked Questions About Fencing

Q. Which is more durable; chain link or wood?

A. Typically, chain link fencing lasts longer; however, snow load can take it's toll on the chain link, making it stretch and sag. Wood fencing holds up better than chain link against snow loads; however, the wood posts will rot over time, making the fence lean, and eventually fall over, while the framework and face boards are still in good shape. Substituting steel posts in a wood fence will give you the best of both worlds.

Q. What is the preferred fence height?

A. Fence heights vary considerably, from the ornamental, two-foot high picket fencing typically surrounding lawn or flower borders to a twelve-foot tall tennis court fence. However, the typical back yard fence is six feet tall. Front yard fencing is either three or four feet tall. Be sure to take into consideration how much snow you get in an average winter. The more snow you get, the shorter your fence becomes, which may enable your pets to escape or other animals to get in.

A. How high can I build my fence?

Q. City and Country codes are very similar in regards to height restrictions for residential fencing. A back or side yard fence can be no higher than six feet. A front yard fence may be six feet high to a point that is twenty feet from the front property line. Any fence that is within twenty feet of the front property line must be three feet high or less.

Q. My neighbor is putting up a new fence on our shared property line. How much input am I allowed?

A. If the fence line is wholly on their property, you don't have any legal say-so in the type, material, height, etc., of the new fence. It helps to have an open dialog with your neighbors before hand, however, so maybe this can be discussed amicably.

Q. Do I need a building permit?

A. The property owner is required by the City of South Lake Tahoe to apply for a building permit with the planning department prior to construction. The county does not require a permit, however, fences must still conform to all height and set back requirements.

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